Ian Chamberlain Drawings and Prints


The Sat. series of etchings have recently been re-worked and were inspired by a research trip to Goonhilly several years ago. This original project was my first use of Etching as a means to explore a location and the theme of the man-made.
I am aiming to return within the year and gather more source material and add to the series.
Goonhilly Satellite Earth Station is located on the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall, UK. It received the the first ever trans-Atlantic satellite TV images, broadcast by Telstar, on 11 July 1962. The project led the way to modern satellite communications and is now set to become a new Space Science training centre for space mission operators.

The Network series and based on my observations of Mobile phone masts. The repetitive nature of their design reveal a sculptural beauty celebrating combination of form and function.

The use of a historical process  such etching recording high communication end technologies  offers a sense of irony. Etching being a process that slows the creative process down and 5G mobile masts representing socieities need to send , create and receive information faster.