Ian Chamberlain Artist

Shelter IV and IX selected for the Trinity Bouy Wharf Drawing Prize and Mirror Study shortlisted for the working drawing prize.

14th September 2021

I am delighted to say that my drawings Shelter IV and Shelter  IX have been selected for this years Trinity Bouy Wharf Drawing Prize.

“The Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize was founded in 1994 and is celebrating the 26th consecutive annual exhibition in 2021. The exhibition and awards are open to applications by emerging, mid-career and established drawing practitioners UK-wide and internationally”

“It is the foremost annual open exhibition for drawing in the UK, the Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize, founded by Anita Taylor and Paul Thomas as the Rexel Derwent Open Drawing Exhibition, was known as Jerwood Drawing Prize from 2001 to 2017 and delivered in partnership with Jerwood Charitable Foundation”.



Shelter IV, 2020
pencil and Graphite
36cm x 39 cm – framed

Shelter IX, 2020
pencil and Graphite
36cm x 39 cm – framed


The work was selected by the panel of International experts below;

Sheela Gowda- Artist

Dr Simon Groom- Director of Modern & Contemporary Art, National Galleries of Scotland

Dr Zoé Whitley – Director of Chisenhale Gallery


“The shelter drawings are part of a broad body of work focusing on the themes of shelters, boundaries and outposts.

During Lockdown I focused on mans basic need for shelter and started to record a wide range of structural forms.

Then structures are isolated through their composition, some have been built and some are in the process of being made. The skeleton and framework of the structure laid bare heightening the sense of vulnerability and openness to the elements and attack.

These architectural metaphors have been further informed by literary sources including Ozymandias, Invisible cities and Terminal Beach”.


I have also had my drawing Mirror Study shortlisted for the working Drawing Prize.


‘The Working Drawing Award aims to expand and enhance our knowledge and understanding of working drawings – drawings from which something else can or will be made’.

Mirror Study, 2021
Pencil and Graphite
72cm x 90cm – framed

The work was selected by the panel of International experts below;

Leonie Bell – Director of V&A Dundee

Charles O. Job – Designer & Architect, Professor of Architecture and Design Theory at Bern University of Applied Sciences

Paul Finch – Programme Director, World Architecture Festival

The piece Mirror Study is based on the Acoustic sound mirrors on the south Kent coast.

This drawing builds on my longstanding interest in manmade architectural and technological forms and their symbolic representation in the landscape.

Drawing allows me to evolve and work around a subject, exploring form, tone, composition and surface qualities. A hierarchy is established through its making, elements of the drawing are continually being brought forward and pushed back.

The drawings can be independent but also inform and give a basis for future etchings, acting as extension of my drawing celebrating their own graphic and tonal qualities.