Ian Chamberlain Drawings and Prints

Mirror Series

The Mirror  prints  are based on the Sound mirrors on the south Kent Coast.The acoustic mirrors were built as early warning devices around the coasts of Great Britain, with the aim of detecting incoming enemy aircraft by the sound of their engines.

The mirrors though had a limited effectiveness, and the increasing speed of aircraft in the 1930s meant that they would already be too close to intercept with by the time they had been detected.

The Sound Mirrors were at the forefront of technological for their time, but the development of technology and the speed of the aircraft made them redundant. Their lack of purpose and function having left them behind, they have become remnants from a previous time, an architectural reminder of a defensive age.

Interestingly, this notion of defence, surveillance and the threat of possible military aggression has now gained increased prominence and relevance in the current political landscape in Eastern Europe and beyond.

I began with initial research drawings attempting to understand the form, composition and surface qualities of the Mirror structures.

These initial drawings remain evident within the etchings, continually changing hierarchy and emphasis. The role and value of drawing is integral to both the making and the development of the work allowing me to adapt and alter the image accordingly. The image starts to evolve becoming a composite of visual fact and my own artistic response.